Simple Ways to Save the Environment


Going green is of the biggest trends of last 20 years, and we already noticed how Global Warming is already causing floods and other consequences around the world.

So here are 3 things we can start doing today that will help save it.

Paying attention to water


We all know water is the most important substance for sustaining life. So, why are we spending it like there is no tomorrow? Pay attention to how you are spending water. Washing dishes, taking showers and brushing your teeth without the tap running is already a huge impact. Consider changing your toilets as well, new technology saves up to half of the amount used until now. Fix all leaks as soon as possible too, stats by EPA say we could be wasting up to 200 gallons of water every day just by letting them run.



C’mon if you are not recycling by now it is entirely your fault. Many countries have numerous recycling centers that you can take everything than can be reused and some even pay you for it. So be mindful of what you throw away, find out if anything you are usually dumping has another use, or can be saved or recycled in any way and start doing it.

Turn off the lights


Burning coal and natural gas is one of the most popular ways to get electricity around the world, it also one of the most polluting activities. If we all reduce our consumption we decrease the demand and therefore less power will be needed. Make a habit out of turning off all light bulbs that are not needed, even if for a short period of time, unplug appliances and turn them off too if not being used. We think leaving the cellphone charger plugged in all the time makes no difference, but many of them have internal resistance that is always working (the reason they get hot) and therefore is consuming a lot of energy.

If we all started doing these 3 things today, we could have a huge impact in saving the world from climate change and make our mark. Every single thing we do counts but it is not enough to know we what have to do, we should be the lead example of our friends and family so that they feel motivated to behaving in a way that is more environmentally friendly as well.

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